Monday, February 4, 2013

Something has gone a-rye...(now that's puny!)

Today I'm starting what I'll call "Quick Quips." A lot of the money saving advice I have to offer doesn't require a lengthy post. So, I'll give you a quick tip from time to time. Today's has to do with a problem I think many of us face-not so fresh bread in the breadbox! (Btw-did you catch the funny title of this post?)

Bread getting stale? Don't toss it (and throw away money, too!) There are plenty of creative options for when your bread is less than fluffy and fresh! Toasting it is a quick cover up. What about making french toast or a strata, homemade croutons are simple to make and so are homemade bread crumbs! Buns passed their prime? (Sandwich buns, people! This post won't help those "other" buns!) I like to use them to make individual garlic toast rounds. A little softened butter, some garlic, parsley, a hot oven and you're in business! You can also use them to make a toasted sandwich. Just  add your favorite sandwich filling, wrap in foil and pop in the oven til hot. Yum! What are your favorite ways to use up bread gone "a-rye?"

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