Thursday, February 21, 2013

Honey, coughs, and recalls???

If you pay attention to the news or even your Facebook or Twitter, you've probably noticed all the recalls that come up from time to time for cold medicine. Most recently I saw one for two popular brands of cough syrup. Scary, isn't it?

Now, I'm far from the crunchy, granola type, but I do like to use natural solutions when they are simple and easy and especially when they are cheap! Here is one of my favorite home remedies-honey for a cough. Did you know there is substantial, credible evidence that honey is AS effective as cough syrup for soothing a cough? What an inexpensive, SAFE solution! I'm not going to link all the research, but even the renowned Mayo Clinic has articles backing up this claim. Check it out for yourself! Just Google "honey and cough" and you'll be amazed at the evidence! Recently I had a kiddo sick with bronchitis and I called our insurance company's 24 hour Nurse Line and even they are recommending honey over cough syrup! Made my day to hear the medical community embracing a natural solution! "Dosage" varies depending on what you read, but 2 teaspoons seems to be the common amount. 

Honey has many great uses. Look for a blog coming soon on my love for honey in DIY beauty treatments!!

Have you used a natural remedy and been pleased with the results? Comment below!

**Remember that honey is NOT safe for babies under a year old!!  

**Also, did you know that you can sign up to receive emails direct from the government regarding recalled products? Stay in the know at .

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  1. I'm still getting over a bad cough from bronchitis a few weeks ago and I take a teaspoon of honey every night to calm my cough so I can fall asleep! I'm glad to hear it's being touted as more than just an old wives tale!